Denniston, Inc.

    Our Methodology provides:

    Significant increases in CASH FLOW

Return on Investment   



Gordon Denniston, President


Denniston, Inc. uses innovative methods to implement creative solutions.

Healthcare reimbursement is going through massive changes and having a well developed strategy to adapt to these changes is essential for financial strength.

Processes and Technology are Key Success Factors in the High-Performance Operations.

Denniston, Inc. has years of success implementing technology solutions through effective planning and strong program management. 

Revenue Enhancement Methodology:

Phase 1.   Assessment, Strategy, High-Level Plan, Select Leadership Team, Site Locations, Technology Architecture, Initial ROI, Governance Committee

Phase 2. Communications, Project Management, Furniture Selection,  Build-out,  Process Teams, Flow Charts, Process Problems Identified, Program Reviews, Technology Budget, Staffing Budget, Vender Contracts,  Construction


Phase 3. Staff selection, Storage & Records, Technology procured & installed, System Testing, Go-Live Planning, Security, Hire staff, Moving Plan, Training program, Policy & Procedures, Reporting system, Go-Live, Transition of additional facilities 

Consolidation of your revenue operations can deliver substantial CASH FLOW increases
Key Elements of a HIGH-PERFORMANCE Revenue Operation