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  Operations Transformation 




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Requirements and Pricing.

We assist you with:

- Financial Analysis (ROI) building selection, Layout,

- Program Work Breakdown Structure, Project Budget,

- Organization Structure, Process Design,

- Technology Infrastructure, Application Selection,

- Master Schedule, Detail Plans, Steering Committee,

- Reporting, Staffing, and Management of Schedule.  

About Us

We work with your organization to build an efficient and effective team that is focused on results.  Where processes are standardized, people are trained and technology is applied to deliver measurable results.

When making major decisions, knowledgeable and independent advice is invaluable  


We have Managed the implementation of 12 Consolidated Revenue Centers since 1996 that now use a High-Performance Revenue Cycle Strategy to process over $46 Billion in revenue

Denniston, Inc. is a specialized company with a successful track record of managing projects for the largest healthcare companies in America.