Denniston, Inc.



Changes in payer reimbursements have negatively impacted health system’s cash flow.  The instability in the commercial insurance market and government payments presents risk for current and future hospital revenue. 

Revenue Cycle leadership typically thinks they are running an efficient and effective operation but they are only looking at their operation.  There is only one way to know if your revenue operation is recovering all of the available cash. 

An independent “Bench Marking” evaluation will compare your revenue cycle to:

1.     Industry “Best Practices” evaluation

2.     Comparison to other successful revenue cycle operations

Has your revenue operations adapted to:

(a) Affordable Care Act (ACA),

(b) the contraction of the insurance market, and

(c) will you be ready for the changes coming?

Many hospitals and health systems are reducing staff and cutting expenses but have you considered that you could increase your net revenue on the current gross charges?

We have a proven methodology where we measure over 500 criteria and additionally we will evaluate your financial indicators for opportunities to increase cash performance.

Denniston, Inc. has specialized in Program Management with a focus on revenue cycle operations since 1996, and our customers include the largest health care systems and hospitals in the country.