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Gordon Denniston


Healthcare is complicated but there is a valid approach to finding additional CASH

Gordon Denniston has managed a successful consulting firm for 25 years.  He also has over 36 years of project management and general management experience in  healthcare, production operations and business systems.  He has successfully implemented many operational improvements in large companies and managed the implementation of numerous complex technology systems. His background of experience spans  healthcare operations, Construction, financial systems, revenue cycle operations, aerospace manufacturing, automation and technology where his improvements have produced substantial financial benefits.

Denniston, Inc. has years of experience developing  Artificial Intelligence Solutions


Denniston, Inc. is a Program Management consulting company specializing in: Revenue Cycle Consolidation, Technology Implementations, Construction, Organizational Restructuring, High-Performance Revenue Cycle Improvement, Reporting Systems, Significant Cash Improvements, Automation of Manual Processes, Building Design, and Process Standardization since 1996.


Denniston, Inc. is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran owned small business

Your Healthcare Systems Could Have:

- Operational Standardization

- Increase Cash Deposits

- Better Customer Service

- Effective Training

- Automation & Efficiency

- Call Center - Advanced Technology

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Delivering significant improvements in Net Revenue through a defined methodology
We overcome obstacles to deliver Measurable Cash Improvements through a well planned and managed project

- Standardized Processes

- Technology enhancements and Automation

- Organization Structure

- Performance Measures

- Training

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations… Gordon has managed several significant revenue cycle initiatives that involved consolidation of operations where new buildings were designed and built, organizational changes made, new processes implemented and staff trained, technology implemented, and performance measurements established.  As the Senior Program Manager, Gordon managed these initiatives that produced significant increases in cash flow for these large hospital systems.  The returns on investment (ROI) for these healthcare revenue cycle projects have averaged over 20 times the investment after only one year. Gordon has designed and implemented 12 consolidated revenue centers that today process over $46 billion in net revenue.